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- When I was 17, I was drugged and raped. I went to get a rape kit done from the hospital but did not want to report it. The hospital lied to me, telling me they didn’t have to tell the police if I didn’t consent—they lied. The police basically hunted me down and because of this, my parents found out. I had to go down to the station and sit in a small interrogation room with a completely unsympathetic male officer. I told him everything I remembered because I thought I had to. I was treated like some sort of possible criminal. Then, he brought my mom in, and read everything he wrote down about the series of events. I had to sit there and just watch. In the end, the officer said, “it sounds consensual.” And left it at that. Had me leave. That was that. I’m sure this happens all the time.

- Unfortunately, if in the US, because you were underage, they by law would have had to report it as doctors and medical staff are mandated reporters. If they see or suspect abuse, they have to report it to the proper authorities. The police, due to you being underage, would have had to inform your parents, but they'd have had to be in the room while talking to you. The police handled it shittily. First, you should have had a same gendered officer there. You should not have been interrogated by a lone male officer. Second, your parent should have been in the room. Third, a victim's advocate should have been called in to help you through the process. Had you been 18 and older, they would not have been able to call the cops and you would not have been forced to report. (длинный абзац с оверэмоциональным выражением сочувствия, который я, для краткости, опустил)

Бонус трек: - It does (happen all the time). I'm sorry these men treated you so cruelly, nobody should be acting like this. Ever.
As a man reporting a similar incident I had a 'rape kit' and at my request a drug panel with a focus on my suspicions.
(I was wrong I was drugged with heroin, against my will and knowledge )
All medical testing supported the events I willingly reported to the police, full and mortifying body check (by a policeman, not a medical professional or the female I begged for as an attempt to cooperate comfortably) proved I was indeed in an abusive relationship and had been viciously attacked.
The only thing I reported incorrectly to law enforcement was the kind of substance I had been drugged with, I hadn't even considered heroin could be a possibility.
After being interrogated for 5 hours following a brutal physical and sexual attack in which I had been drugged with heroin, the first time I'd ever been near that substance (to my knowledge, at that time) I'm sure you can understand what mental state I might have been in …
I was told a man cannot be raped!
I was sent home to my abuser … he's now imprisoned for attempted murder. Apparently men can be murdered it seems, so I pressed charges.
Just to say even if you do want to report it, it does not always make a difference. I'm still even now affected by how coldly I was informed that a man cannot be raped, and yes this coldness had some homophobic connotations.
I empathise with what happened to you, how is the victim still at fault after all we've learned?
Stay strong and stay safe x

Голос из зала: Alot of bitches lie tho, sorry

ПС. Среди множества роликов на тему true crime кейсы с женщиной в роли жертвы я, как правило, уже не отсматриваю. Они все однотипные: жила-была девочка, сама виновата.
Ничего интересного.
Всё как всегда.
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