тот, кто приходит к тебе играть (fish_n_lilies) wrote,
тот, кто приходит к тебе играть

Ответ из Дрима по поводу кросспостинга.

I'm sorry about the problem. LiveJournal's abuse detection systems have gotten significantly more sensitive, they're no longer responding to our contacts about this and are claiming to Dreamwidth users who contact them that they're no longer able to whitelist our IP addresses the way they have for the past decade, and we're very limited in what steps we can take to work around the blocks when they impose them. We're doing what we can to work around the issue, but I'm afraid it may be a while until crossposting works reliably again.

Вкрации, Лайвджорнал виноват.
Но Дрим ведет переговоры и, возможно, когда-нибудь положение изменится к лучшему :)

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    Просто так Решитесь смотреть - смотрите до последнего кадра.

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