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Catcher in the Rye is about some phony named Holden Caulfield. He goes around talking to kids and trying to give girls the time. That kills me. And he always talks about his dead brother and how great his goddam sister is and all. I think he's some big phony. He's always talking about how annoying everyone else is and how he wants to save kids and run away to live in the goddam woods, but he does the same thing everyone else does. I get quite a bang out of that. He'll probably be the kind of guy who always talks about how many miles he gets in his goddam car. What a phony. He's probably flitty. I mean he can never get really sexy with a girl. You know, really sexy. I can be very sexy sometimes. Women kill me. Anyway, he really drove me crazy while I was reading all about him, but after a while I started to miss him. You know, how when you have to shoot the crap with some phony about how they want to run off and live in the woods, but then you don't see them for a few weeks and you start to think what a nice guy they are. You probably don't understand. You're probably the kind of guy who posts stuff you think is funny on some phony website. Like that Oscar Wilde phony. That kills me. It really does. Reminds me of a phony I once knew, some mac who just came up with fake quotations nobody really give a damn about. It was a sad occurence though, it really was. You know the part that really got me. The part that sometimes he was actually funny. Stuff like that always kills me. It really does.
Catcher in the Rye killed me. It really did.

Wow, dammit, so now the whole story makes the fuckin sense. The guy is probably "dodgy" on deny. He refuses to realize it, trying to stretch himself on a woman but hates every moment with her, running away from a gay teacher (God, I hated Caulfield at this scene! The adult only wanted to comfort the kid, why to think immediately about sex? It was humiliating, well, taken from supposed straight...), damn, it was there from the first scene when he hates the normal straight innocent wet towel fight, taking a fuckin victim role as if he was damn raped by.
It's all screaming GAY big words.
You know why I never realized that? Because last time I read the book, I was sixteen, and I was that gay on denial, as well. So, I was just sitting in the class (Israel here), shutting my mouth up (to the best, for me) letting the teacher calling him a "phony". Feeling anger on how nobody sees, how nobody understands how sincere and clear and innocent he was.
Damn, the poor guy actually was... a phony.
He really was.

Denial won't let you enjoy a towel fight, beware.

ПС. Вы сущие звери, господа; если вы не будете комментировать мои тексты, написанные по-английски, я начну писать по-французски.
Il n'est pas dans votre intérêt d'être paresseux.

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