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тот, кто приходит к тебе играть

I just like it, whatever!
Отрывок из японскага комикса.

- Daddy, daddy, where do babies come from?
- *Uuuu... he finally asks this question!* Well.. you see, Yukiya, after mommy and I prayed to the god, we received from heaven a cabbadge with a baby in it, just for us!
- *Wwaaa... that's incredible!* Let's pray to god then! I want a big brother!
- I.. I think it's a bit hard... *Haha*
- How about a little brother?
- For now, it's also a bit... *Mama is not feeling well, and we also can't really raise one more kid right now. So I'm sorry, please forgive papa for being useless!*

Как говорится, не все отцы одинаково полезны!

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    О черт, семь лет прошло, а я не видел этого клипа:

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